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Frequently Asked Questions

Why isn't the distillate yellow or as clear as many others?

Our distillate is proper THC delta 9 mixed with CBD distillate that has no preservatives, foreign oil, or bleaching compounds. You'll notice a stronger high that lasts longer.

How come my pen isn't as strong?

When buying any electronic, always be sure to recharge it. There is of course some charge to them initially but that could have faded by the time you got it.

Why the name Blitzkrieg?

As you can tell by the box designs we had fun with this product. The two best cannabinoids are coming at you or "blitzing" you at the same time.

How are your designs so cool?

We have a professional artist create each design by hand. Nothing is just taken off the internet. These are all original drawings.

Why do the tips light up different colours?

The tips light up the same colour as the box so you know which vape pen is which if you have multiple.

Why include CBD with the THC?

There seems to be a synergy when used in conjunction. The CBD healing properties are essentially supercharged. Although there is only 100mg of CBD, you get more out of it with the THC included.

Is there wholesale pricing for Native dispensaries?

Of course, we have a database of all 265 native dispensaries in Canada, please just email us your location and we will be in touch.

Will you have more flavours?

We're constantly coming up with new flavours but don't want to create them just for shits and giggles. We narrow down what people really want. Feel free to email us your ideas for flavours and box design.