Berry White

Berry White is a hybrid strain that is the offspring of parents of great status in the cannabis world. Made from a mix of Blueberry and white Widow. The high is very balanced and offers relaxation from stress and anxiety. This strain is perfect for creating a upbeat mood and conversations with your friends.

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This strain implies more than just a clever wordplay. Berry White, a celebrity strain derived from two extremely well-known parents Blueberry and White Widow, is appropriately named for its smooth smokability and rich dark berry flavours. A pure indica strain with effects that are equally balanced in the body and mind without causing the heavy couch lock that many indicas have a propensity for.

For a novice user, Berry White can uncomfortably potent. The effects, however, are essentially constant; only the intensity fluctuates. Although there are undertones of sour lemon and unripe berries, the flavours and fragrances are typically blueberry, piney, and flowery. The huge, popcorn-shaped buds have deep blue and light olive as their foundation colours. Breeding results in some colour diversity that can vary from completely blue to deeply purple, but there are usually bright orange hairs and a thick layer of crystal trichomes for contrast.