Orange Crush

Orange Crush is a hybrid marijuana strain made by crossing California Orange and Blueberry.


About Orange Crush

Orange Crush is renowned for its citrus flavour and musty, earthy aroma. The geniuses at BC Growers Association created this Sativa-dominant strain, which results in a potently soaring cerebral high that envelops the mind in a cloud of enjoyment. The effects are typically described as a happy, upbeat energy that encourages creativity for seasoned users.

Unfortunately, the smoke from this strain can have an orange-like flavour and can make most new users' mouths and eyes dry. Some users of this strain have also reported experiencing "the spins," a negative side effect that makes the user feel as though the room is spinning. Higher doses may also cause the typical paranoia associated with many Sativa strains.

Many people instead experience relief from the persistent stress, worry, and nervousness commonly caused by depression-related disorders or PTSD, despite the fact that some people report that the strain makes them feel more uneasy. Dopamine, the neurotransmitter that makes one feel joyful, is produced more readily when Orange Crush is consumed, and this property is utilised to counteract the symptoms of prolonged depression.

The drug is also employed to distract users from their ongoing pain. This is also a preferred method for those who have nausea and migraines to lessen their level of suffering.

Californian Orange and Blueberry, two iconic fruits, are the parents of Orange Crush. This kind can grow under low light conditions (but not lower than 25 to 30 watts). This strain is a fantastic option for novice growers on a limited budget and time schedule because it grows very easily. Orange Crush rarely grows taller than 140 centimetres and finishes flowering in about 55 days.

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