Strawberry Shortcake

Strawberry shortcake strain is a 65% sativa strain. People find it is more for evening since the Indica balances it out. The THC content is 17% and is great for creative focus and then to unwind and relax.

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About Strawberry Shortcake

This 75/25% Sativa-dominant strain is a berry connoisseur's paradise. As implied by the name, the syrupy, fruity-sweet flavour tastes like cream, strawberries, and biscuits. Maybe the strain will become as popular as the dessert throughout the summer? You might require a pick-me-up if you discover that your stress levels are keeping you up at night or if mental trauma and mood swings are keeping you awake. This strain is comparable to a delicious, traditional dessert without the calories. Unless, of course, you subsequently grow hungry.

It's really smooth to smoke Strawberry Shortcake. A feeling of wonderful, uplifting euphoria quickly and subtly rushes into your brain as it happens. "Creative energy," according to users, and "glee." They have a strong sense of motivation for their profession, hobbies, and social interactions. You don't feel couch-locked, which is important. Those who are constantly anxious and on the run will benefit from this strain because it will allow them to experience a little happiness without making them slow down.

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